Offset Ink LW-HD

Offset Ink LW-HD


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LW-HD Offet Ink Series 


Product Use:

This product applies to print on coated paper, art paper, non-coated paper, cardboard paper for kinds of magazine, catalogue, logo and delicate products.


Product Characteristic

1) Innocuity  2) No peculiar smell  3) Low content of arom-hydrocarbon  

4) Heavy metal element free  5) High concentration 6) Excellent overlapping quality with the halftone dot  7) Good transitivity


Operation Attention


Ink Adjustment:If the viscidity of ink is too strong under normal directing use, off-adhesive liquid could be used to adjust.

Height of stack: according to the thinkness of sheet.


Pass SGS testing :

the metal contetnts of stibium,arsenic,barium,chrome,cadmium,lead, hydrargyru,

selenium is below 0.5ppm

P.S… Tack valued at 400rpm by ink-o-meter

       Fluidity: parallel plate viscometer, 0.1ml , 15mins

       Setting time on 200g coated paper

       Drying time at humidity 65% , 25


Package: 1kg /can ;  12cans/carton  Or by required